Delucchi Hawn, LLP - Certified Public Accountants


“As you work to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations, you are confronted with the ongoing challenges of cash management, estimating, job costing, obtaining financing, insurance, bonds, etc.”

Manufacturer’s Rep

“Profitability in this industry hinges, in large part, on the ability to maintain and expand manufacturers’ product lines. To accomplish this goal, you must be able to deliver the necessary sales results.”

Wholesale & Distribution

“We know and understand your critical financial concerns (Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Cash Flow) and we have over 40 years of extensive experience dealing with these issues.”

We’ve Got Your Industry Covered

At Delucchi Hawn we understand how your business works, and can provide you with the services you need to grow and remain profitable. Our services include but are not limited to: preparing financial statements, helping you implement job-costing procedures, evaluating your project estimates, tax planning and tax return preparation, general accounting & bookkeeping. You can consult with us at any time as we work, in concert with you, to fulfill the aims of your goal: a business that is more competitive and more profitable.

Let Delucchi Hawn help you build your framework for success.

Over 40+ Years Combined Experience

We understand. You want someone experienced, not the greenhorn down the road. Our Partners have over 40+ years of experience in accounting between them, so you can rest assured, knowing you’re talking to an expert.

Knowledge Covering A Range Of Industries

You can’t help a company grow if you don’t have any knowledge on that industry works. At Delucchi Hawn, our partners have backgrounds in a wide variety of different industries, so we know what we’re talking about.

“ I found Delucchi’s tailored services specific and relevant to the needs of my business.
I would not hesitate in recommending them. ”

Kyle Veness
Veness Construction & Engineering
Delucchi Hawn

“ The most practical financial advice I have ever received and presented in a very user friendly way – Well done. ”

Chelsea Marie
Fambro Warehouse Co.
Delucchi Hawn

“ Delucchi’s work was extremely well presented and exactly what we needed to bring our company to the next level. Overall-excellent. ”

Russ Hurkins
Overa Food Markets
Delucchi Hawn