Delucchi Hawn, LLP - Certified Public Accountants

Manufacturer’s Rep

Profitability in this industry hinges, in large part, on the ability to maintain and expand manufacturers’ product lines. To accomplish this goal, you must be able to deliver the necessary sales results.

At Delucchi Hawn we have been serving Manufacturers’ Representatives since 1977. We understand how your business works and can provide the services you need to grow and remain profitable. Our service capabilities include:

  • Preparing financial statements which accurately report your company’s current strength, and, realistically con-vey your company’s future prospects.
  • Designing financial statements which facilitate quick yet efficient processing of customer orders and enable rapid-fire communication of cus-tomer specifications to manufacturers.
  • Accounting information systems implementation and customization, and the infrastructure staff to support those systems.
  • Structuring buy/sell agreements for both death and/or permanent disability, and business succession in ways that are equitable to all parties without disrupting the business con-tinuity of the company’s principal lines.

Like many industries today, yours is an industry susceptible to significant fluctuations of sales volume. To help the business, its owners, and its key employees thrive in times of turbulence, we provide comprehensive cash manage-ment, strategic planning and tax planning services for both the corporation its owners and employees.

Delucchi Hawn your partner for success.