Delucchi Hawn, LLP - Certified Public Accountants

Audit Review

If you own or manage a business, you know that audited or reviewed financial statements enable you to monitor and fine tune the performance of your enterprise, quickly identify and solve problem areas and satisfy the requirements of lenders, sureties and investors.

Controllership, Account & Bookkeeping

There will be instances when your need for timely and accurate financial information is critical. We can help by providing continuous or project-based controllership, accounting and bookkeeping services.

Emerging Company

The difference between one company’s long-term financial success and another’s modest performance hinges not just on the quality of the product or service, but also on the soundness and timeliness of critical business decisions.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is usually thought of as a discipline which focuses on the distribution of assets after death. In reality, it is an ongoing process of determining how best to accumulate and preserve the results of a lifetime of hard work.

Not for Profit

Accounting and tax requirements for not-for-profits are unique. Typically, NPO’s have obligations to members or funding agencies and in the case of public charities, to the public as a whole, which are monitored by the Attorney General of the State.

Estate Trust & Compliance

It sometimes becomes necessary to create Trusts for special purposes such as Gift Trusts for children, Trusts to provide for special needs, etc. Delucchi Hawn has over 200 years of combined experience creating and maintaining Trusts.

Succession Planning

After having worked for so long building your business, you now want to look to the future; toward your retirement dream. Delucchi Hawn can help you with the difficult questions such as: How do you facilitate your vision of retirement?

Tax Planning

The essence of great tax planning is to help you preserve and build net worth while ensuring your peace of mind with respect to legal compliance and the law. We have the experience, skills and resources needed to help you achieve your goals.